A nice restaurant and terrace are waiting for visitors. The capacity of our first room is 120 and the capacity of the air-conditioned room is 160 people. Both rooms, either individually or together, offer the possibility of organizing various social events for 250 people, according to your wishes, even with dining with Swedish tables. Of course, all these will be following the concept of the event and especially taking into consideration your wishes and ideas in the most creative form, such as: evening parties, school meetings, birthday parties, farewell parties, weddings, christenings, festive celebrations, evenings with live music, wine evenings with alcohol or wine, Christmas celebrations, annual meetings, professional business meetings, conferences / up to 300 persons / product presentation and any team training creative training activities. We will provide a children's chair during family seating for your child, and there is a mini- playground with a swing, an overpass and a slide for the children in the outdoor garden area. Based on years of experience, we are able to offer you an exceptional, cost-effective way to organize events.